Ken Levine Wishes PC Gaming Was "More Successful"

Say BioShock was "dumbed down", say it was a PC-centric developer "selling out" to the lure of console cash, but as you say those things, know this: Ken Levine's still a PC tragic at heart.

In an interview with Forbes, the 2K man speaks of his undying love for PCs, and his hopes that, in spite of "so many challenges" for PC gaming, the old warhorse can be made more successful.


Asked "What is the industry's biggest mistake?", Levine responds:

I'm a real believer in industrial Darwinism. It's hard for an industry to make a mistake because the market tends to be self-correcting...but I wish the industry could find a way to make PC gaming more broadly successful. There are so many challenges for PC gaming—the complications from systems specifications to the drivers—most people look at PC games and say, "What are you talking about?" It's a shame because as a gamer, I am never more comfortable than I am sitting with a mouse and keyboard two inches away from my monitor.

Good to hear, Ken.

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