Ken Levine Is Still Trying to Bring a BioShock Game to the Vita

Illustration for article titled Ken Levine Is Still Trying to Bring a BioShock Game to the Vita

It took more than two years for BioShock Infinite to go from announcement to release. That’s a pretty long time. But it might be even longer to get Irrational Games’ successful first-person series onto the PlayStation Vita. Why? Studio head Ken Levine says, “I can’t personally greenlight the thing myself.”


Some people expected that Monday’s announcement would be about the fate of the PlayStation Vita BioShock game, which was announced during Sony’s E3 press conference in 2011. But, a tweet from Levine shot down any such speculation. I asked him about the status of BioShock on Vita when we spoke on Monday.

“I am literally trying to make a match between the parties,” he told me. The parties in this case are Sony and Irrational’s parent company Take Two, Levine elaborated. “They have to agree and it has to be a business deal. I’ve been trying to do that for a very long time. I’ve still very much engaged in that. I can’t personally greenlight the thing myself.”

“I have conversations,” Levine said. “I’ve talked to all the parties in the past couple of weeks.” So it still sounds like a handheld BioShock experience on the Sony portable is a thing Levine is trying to will into existence. But, it’ll take some sort of agreement between the powers that be at two video game mega-corporations to actually make the thing happen.



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