Ken Levine Gets First Word At PAX 08

The Penny Arcade team, having had Texas governor Rick Perry snatched out from under them by the organizers of E3, will have to settle for Ken Levine as their Penny Arcade Expo opener. Mr. Levine apparently made a game known as "BioShock" and is rumored to be working on a sequel to something called "X-COM." I suppose it could be interesting, but probably won't touch on southern state politics or the Texan gaming industry and its growth like many PAX attendees were probably hoping for.


Musically, Xbox 360 Fanboy reports that MC Frontalot, FreezePop, the MiniBosses, and Jonathan Coulton will all perform in some capacity at this year's PAX. Hopefully, they'll do a number on Texan financial development programs!

'Pimp supreme' Ken Levine to keynote PAX [X3F]

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