Keep Your Shadow Of Mordor Combo Going Forever

Speaking of impressive Shadow of Mordor feats, YouTuber Rabbit's Respawn has come up with a combination of power-enhancing runes which allows players to run the map in one potentially never-ending combo. 413 hits is just the beginning.


My first taste of Monolith's hit Middle-earth adventure only came this morning, so I've got a ways to go before I'm sporting runes like the one that increases your combo timer by 10 seconds or the one that adds a tick when you vault over objects — both essential for this technique to work. For now I'm just happy to survive.

Check out the full setup below, and start your magical combo adventure today.


That's kind of cool, but he clearly has no concept of how the game works.

"I got [this rune] by killing Azdûsh the Crafty, I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere in your game."

Uh... Except that there are so many possibly combinations of captain names, titles, and modifiers that the odds of the same exact caption showing up in any two games are pretty low.

Even if you got this same exact in your game, there's no guarantee he would drop an epic rune.

Even if he did, there's no guarantee it would be that rune.

I know it's not really relevant to the video, it just kinda irks me when someone who make videos about video games demonstrates about 10 seconds in that he knows very little about the workings of this video game.