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Kaz Hirai: PS3 Will Win The Race, It Just Might Take A Decade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PlayStation boss man Kaz Hirai has been a chatty fellow this week, talking about the PlayStation 3's bumpy start and its association with Grand Theft Auto IV. He also sat down with the BBC, giving his totally unbiased opinion about where the PS3 will rank against its peers. The news? Good! Well, maybe. We'll have to check back next decade, as Kaz says "The true test of the console, in terms of the install base race, is really when you look back at the end of the life cycle."

Kaz adds that he's "very confident" that at the end of the PS3 decade "we will have the install base that we're looking for and that is to be obviously in the leadership position." By then, we should be crystal clear on how things shook out. But as for the PlayStation 4? It's hazy.

"Very difficult to say," says Kaz. There's a great deal to consider, before the Sony engineers run off and start crafting the PS4, the DualShock 4, the next EyeToy.


"We need to take a look at advances in technology in various areas, such as semiconductors, graphics chips, output devices, mainly TV and monitors, to see where we would like to benchmark our next generation product" he says. We're sure they're F5ing Gizmodo like execs possessed!

Let's just hope that controller vibration doesn't become passe technology again. We're not sure we could handle another blow like that.


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