"Katamari news from 2005"

This is a tip we received today from someone we must now dub a Katamari Damacy expert:


I have two items of news. One is that I have discovered a phrase that when Googled returns no results. The second is that in We <3 Katamari, the ps2 game from 2005, there is a second unlisted item in the collection which can be rolled up. The official collection listing of items has 2986 items. There is a known unlisted item "Train Carriage", bringing the total to 2987. Myself and a friend have discovered a second unlisted item, "Blackboard Math" that, when googled, returns no hits and appears on no official or unofficial collection list. It appears in the classroom level and can be rolled up when large enough to collect the walls and blackboards if you are facing the proper direction when rolling, bringing the total to 2988 items.

A third piece of news is We have declared ourselves Queens of the Cosmos as the just result of being the only (english speaking, at least) players to have noticed this in the eight years since the game was released.

I feel the cosmos,
HRH Lauren

What's great about this e-mail is that it shows how games can live on long after the buzz has died down. Lauren's genuinely excited about this. Why shouldn't she be? She found something new in a game that's already been feverishly documented. (Does anybody else have evidence that backs Lauren up?) All hail your majesty. All hail.


Fuck. I miss Katamari Damacy.

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