Katamari Creator Not Sure What Noby Noby Boy Is Yet

If you don't "get" Noby Noby Boy, you're not alone. Keita Takahashi, the brain behind Katamari Damacy, has a hard time explaining what it is or why you might want to play it.

But he tells 1UP that the PlayStation 3 game is "the perfect break after winding down from a game of Killzone 2 and before starting up God of War 3." Great! But what is it? Takahashi supposes it's kind of like a playground, but hasn't found the right word to summarize what Noby Noby Boy is all about, but he will say that things like objectives and mini-games and the other "sort of things like that that everyone's expecting aren't going to be in this game."


Well, okay then. While we're still a little confused about what Noby Noby Boy is (and isn't), the good news is that Takahashi doesn't sound like he's done with making video games. He tells 1UP that he still has a few thoughts kicking around upstairs. Hopefully he'll not waste those extra brainwaves trying to put his games into words and just get back to work.

Noby Noby Boy Preview [1UP]

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