Katamari Creator Announces Whimsical AR Game [UPDATE]


Katamari creator Keita Takahashi just announced a fanciful new AR game called Woorld. In proper Takahashi style, Woorld is all charm, full of whimsical little items that make me giggle like an idiot.


In Woorld, your phone will map the room you’re in and place cartoonish items, from mushrooms to tiny houses, around the space in AR. You can plant sprouts on tables, make the ceiling a raining cloud and watch your flower bloom. Pyramids, flowers, UFOs and toilets will also pop up, all for you to interact with. The goals of the game are, right now, unclear:

“When you achieve the goal which we can’t talk about yet, sandbox mode will be unlocked,” Takahashi explains. That said, it seems like there will be item quests that build off each other, like blooming a flower and using the item inside to do something else. The game is being developed by Funomena studio, with Takahashi as its creative director.

Last we heard, Funomena was working on Wattam, a game about explosions and poop and destroying adorable things. In 2015, Wattam made the rounds, impressing critics, before news of its development slowed to a trickle. We’ve reached out to Funomena for more details about Wattam’s release dates.

[Update—12:30 PM]: Woorld is available now on the Google Play store and is, for some reason, only available for the Lenovo Phab2Pro phone.

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In a gaming culture with too much realism, Keita is the developer we need most. I’m serious.

I’m looking forward to a Wattam update. This looks cool too. Any word on a new Katamari? I know Bandai Namco still owns the rights to it after Keita left since they are making mobile games, but it just doesn’t feel right to have PS4/XB1 passed over just because it’s a niche.