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What better way for insurance company Kaiser Permanente to promote a healthy lifestyle than strapping television monitors playing Wii Sports to the heads of its marketing team?


Members of the Kaiser Permanente "Pixmen" marketing team took to the halls of Honolulu's Ala Moana Center mall yesterday to demonstrate how Wii Sports can help people stay healthy while still playing video games. They used Pixman Nomadic media to get the message across, a technology-based street media system that seems to involve placing television monitors on the backs of marketers. I approve of anything that places television monitors over the heads of marketers.

The team wandered about the mall, inviting people to play a game that certainly seems like Wii Sports, though the Honolulu Advertiser seems to think it is Wii Fit. Judging by the article's description of passersby playing bowling, golf, and tennis, I'd say Wii Sports is a far better bet.

"We got pretty good reaction today from people," said Michael Lew, one of the Pixmen. "There's a significant number of people who interacted with the game. It's a great way to get your message out."


So Wii Sports isn't just a grand alternative to standard exercise; it's also a fine alternative to standard marketing.

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