[Image: snakeV555B]

Kaiju are leveling a major Japanese city. What to do? Run, hide and dress up in costumes, that’s what.

Recently, I’ve been playing City Shrouded in Shadow, a game I checked out at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. What I liked was that it was a Japanese monster game that you played from the perspective of a person below instead of controlling a kaiju or a giant super hero laying waste to a city.

In City Shrouded in Shadow, you do get to experience that boots-on-the-ground POV as either a male or female protagonist. You also get to wear outfits. Lots of them.

Combined with the giant monsters and huge superheroes, this dress-up element and silly selectable dialogue make City Shrouded In Shadow feel like a b-movie. Goofy as hell, but fun.

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