Track: You Are My Destiny | Artist: HaHa | Album: You Are My Destiny (single)
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While modern K-Pop fans will most likely recognize HaHa (full name Ha Dong Hoon) for his work on Korean comedy television, he actually started out his career in Korean entertainment as an artist. And not just any artist—a reggae artist.

With 2007's You Are My Destiny, sampled from Ben E. King’s Stand By Me, listeners can already hear HaHa dip his toes into the genre. After his return from Korea’s mandatory military service, he would go full-tilt into reggae, with songs like 2011's Rosa and 2016's Love Inside (the latter of which was made in collaboration with Stephen Marley—yes, that Marley).


With his trademark raspy, husky voice, he actually fits the reggae genre quite well; while his popular image is that of a playful, joking TV personality, I hope that more K-Pop fans will open their eyes to just how great of an artist he can be (when he’s not making us laugh).

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