K-Pop Pick Of The Day: The Gloomy Song

Track: The Gloomy Song | Artist: Hyungdon & Daejune | Album: The Gloomy Song (digital single)
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Jung Hyung Don and Defconn are a comedian-rapper duo, respectively, best-known for their long-running variety program, Weekly Idol. Given the recent news that these two uber-popular hosts will be departing their show, it only felt appropriate to showcase one of their songs.


Weekly Idol is something of a halo program among idol group fans; it’s one of the few television shows that focus exclusively on idols, who compete for ever-shrinking airtime and popularity. Since there’s only so much broadcast time to go around and an exponentially growing number of aspiring idols, Weekly Idol is seen as one of the holy grails. If your bias group makes it into this show, they’ve “made it”.

Television comedy aside, Defconn is a competent rapper, and Jung Hyung Don has a good sense of rhythm, which is why they occasionally team up to release (hilarious) music. The Gloomy Song’s lyrics literally tell you to go listen to something else; don’t take that advice, because it’s not bad!

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