K-Pop Pick Of The Day: The Chaser

Track: The Chaser | Artist: INFINITE | Album: INFINITIZE
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Out of the dozens upon dozens of boy groups that debuted near the beginning of K-Pop’s recognition on the world stage in the early 2010s, few have had more impact or have lasted as long as INFINITE.


INFINITE released their first album, First Invasion, in 2010. They overcame a lukewarm debut to gain a reputation for their flawlessly synched-up choreography, some of which is readily visible in the music video for The Chaser, one of my personal favorites from their long discography.

Looking back at this choreography now, when dance routines have become so much more involved and difficult, it might seem a bit quaint or kitschy. But when INFINITE came out with songs like The Chaser and BTD, with their hyper-coordinated routines and ambitious moments like the one below, you could practically hear the audience gasping.

Gif: MBC

The temporary loss of several members to the Korean army notwithstanding, INFINITE is still active in 2019, making them one of the older idol groups still extant. They recently released a digital single, Clock, in February:

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Ah, Infinite! They caught my eye with Dashi dorawa and I’ve been a fan ever since! I was lucky enough to catch them in concert when they toured the US a number of years back.

It seems funny now considering how much more involved choreography has gotten in kpop, but I remember the scorpion dance in Before the Dawn made a HUGE splash at the time.