K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Step By Step

Track: Step By Step | Artist: Oh My Girl | Album: Windy Day
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It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a classic girl group pop ballad, in the veins of Gfriend’s Me Gustas Tu or A Pink’s No No No. Oh My Girl’s Step By Step is one of the better examples of late.

Step By Step is one of the B-sides from Oh My Girl’s 2016 repackage album, Windy Day. The title track is also an interesting song in its own right, although it loses something in its hurry to differentiate itself (the chorus just kind of exists in an entirely separate world). Comparatively, Step By Step is more tightly composed, never loses its flow, and I have a soft spot for classic show choreography like that featured here.

That being said, my favorite Oh My Girl track remains their reggae-laced 2016 release, Listen To My Words. It quite literally starts off in full reggae mode before seguing to a more traditional K-Pop sound, although the influences of the former never really let go:

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