K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Snow

Track: Snow | Artist: SURL | Album: Aren’t You?
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We’re in the thick of winter, so it only seems fitting to feature a track that embodies the season like few other songs do.


SURL (설) is a Korean indie band that just released their first extended play last December, of which Snow is its title track. The band consists of four members: Seol Ho Seung, Lee Han Bin, Oh Myung Suk, and Kim Do Yeon.

Apart from Snow, my favorite song from the EP Aren’t You? is probably an English-language track, Like Feathers—and not just because it was filmed in New York. While it features more than a passing resemblance to Snow, particularly in the instrumental, its faster tempo makes it a perfect accompaniment—one song to bring you down, and one more to bring you back up.

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