K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Show Me The Light

Track: Show Me The Light | Artist: Uju | Album: Sunday Seoul Ep.1
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I just wrapped up three days’ worth of E3 conferences, so all I want to do is lean back, close my eyes, and put on some chill tunes.


Anyone who’s followed this column for any appreciable length of time knows about my newfound and deep love for city pop and retrowave, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority of my post-E3 playlist consists of songs from that genre. One of my new favorites from this regular rotation is Uju’s Show Me The Light.

Uju means “space” in Korean, and Show Me The Light continues that evocative image; I listened to this over headphones while walking home tonight, looking up at the faint stars (or whatever was visible through New York’s awful light pollution) and it was perfect.

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