Track: Really Bad Boy (RBB) | Artist: Red Velvet | Album: RBB
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Wait, wasn’t Halloween two months ago?

If your first reaction after listening to RBB was “gee, this is so different from their last title track,” that’s because Red Velvet has regularly switched between polarized concepts since their inception. In fact, their group name itself is based on this idea: “Red”, which stands for their colorful and bolder releases, and “Velvet”, which represents their more mature, tonier side.


Of course, this is all based on SM Entertainment’s knack at assigning the most random meanings to group names, so who knows. (For a hearty chuckle, check out their explanation on what H.O.T. stands for.)

An example of the former “Red” concept is Power Up, which we’ve covered before. RBB is an example of the latter “Velvet” theme. Here’s another example of a song that embodies their “Velvet” side: Be Natural, which was their second title track after their Happiness debut and thus created a bit of a split in the fanbase. For what it’s worth, I love it.

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