K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Noir

Track: Noir | Artist: Sunmi | Album: Noir (single)
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The music video for Sunmi’s latest, Noir, is a biting critique of the image-obsessed Instagram influencer. This strikes me as ironic.

Considering Sunmi’s pedigree in one of K-Pop’s biggest idol groups and an active participant in possibly one of the most unhealthily exterior-obsessed, nip-and-tuck-fueling industries in the world, it’s worth considering if this is all just some deep mind game to get us to share Noir on our own feeds, possibly with a few paragraphs about why social media is Bad and Not Good For Us At All.

But since my day job is to basically glue myself to said social media, it always tickles me when I see pop culture poke fun at its tendencies as a place filled with cherry-picked moments and carefully-angled reality. So, whatever your intentions may be, thanks, Sunmi.


As someone whose screen time approached 50 hours this week, according to his beleaguered iPhone (with seven of those hours spent on Instagram), social media is not an accurate reflection of reality, and we’d all be better served if we cared less about how many people pressed like on our latest top-down picture of what we had for breakfast and more about the people around us. And, yes, my own Instagram looks exactly like that. Because getting those red hearts are addicting.

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SUNMI is my k-pop Queen!