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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Madonna

Track: Madonna | Artist: SECRET | Album: Madonna
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One of my favorite idols from back in the day has just seemingly gone the way of the dodo, so pardon me for indulging in my nostalgia and sharing yet another blast from the past.


SECRET used to be one of the bigger K-Pop groups in the early 2010s, before they began a slow but steady descent into mediocrity and a dwindling fandom. I’d like to think it was a combination of diluting their musical style, decreased investment from their company, and fierce competition, but as it always is in K-Pop, the truth is murky.

I’ll be raising a glass to Jieun, Hana, Hyosung and Sunhwa tonight.

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It’s not like TS Management is the best company or anything so I’m sure that’s a major factor, but I’m sure Sunhwa’s entry into acting didn’t help. From what I’ve read it’s like she wants to forget about her K-pop roots.

I hope Hyosung can keep on giving us awesome solo songs though.