Track: Lollipop | Artist: Big Bang & 2NE1 | Album: Lollipop (single)

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This intensely catchy song was a promotional track for the purposes of marketing LG’s Lollipop flip phone, which were still en vogue back in the faraway year of 2009.

Even today, the Lollipop still looks pretty sweet; they came with an integrated display built in to its front cover that would allow for some really cool notifications without having to even open the phone. Behold:

More interesting for us K-Pop buffs, though, is that Lollipop gave the world their first glimpse at 2NE1, who would go on to become a powerhouse in the Korean music industry despite their relatively short lifespan. While they didn’t release their first original album until later in the year with FIRE, they would debut here, appearing alongside agency seniors Big Bang.


This music video would also give rise to the meme surrounding Sandara Park’s hair (she’s the one with the, uh, straw coming out of her head). Dara would go on to have some truly horrific hairstyles foisted upon her throughout her career, leading to the in-joke among Blackjacks (the name given to the 2NE1 fandom) that the stylists must be doing it on purpose.