Track: Lightsaber | Artist: EXO | Album: Lightsaber (single)

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Yes, that Star Wars—the one from a galaxy far, far away—made a K-Pop song.

Lightsaber, a 2015 song by EXO, was released for the purposes of marketing Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Asian countries, where the intellectual property didn’t have as much pull as it does in America. (It still doesn’t, really; do a quick search for Solo’s dismal Chinese box office gross for all the evidence you need.)


The song and music video itself, save for a small Darth Vader audio cue in the beginning and the briefest flash of an eponymous lightsaber in the ending seconds, doesn’t really have much do with Star Wars, which leaves the whole “collaboration” feeling kind of lazy.

For the Star Wars fans in this column: does the lightsaber briefly shown at 2:05 have a canon equivalent? I’ve always been curious. And if so, does that mean EXO is... canon... now? God damn it, Disney.

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