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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Lalala

Track: Lalala | Artist: Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya) | Album: Lalala (single)
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It’s been drizzling on and off at Kotaku HQ for a few days now, which makes me appreciate this ode to summer pool parties all the more. (Not that there’s enough space in New York City for a pool party, anyway.)


Mighty Mouth is a hip-hop duo that debuted in 2008 with Sangchu and Shorry J, with Soya as an oft-recurring featured guest (along with Lalala, she also collaborated with Mighty Mouth on Tok Tok and Bad Boy). Soya is a talented singer in her own right, which isn’t surprising, given her pedigree — she’s the niece of Kim Jong Kook, who you may know from Turbo and/or Running Man.

Sadly, as with depressingly many of my favorite K-Pop artists, Mighty Mouth is no longer active. Their last release was in 2012, and after an unsavory scandal involving Sangchu and possible illegal prostitution in the army, I doubt we’ll be seeing more of them. Soya seems to have fared somewhat better, with a recent 2018 release.


But, on the bright side, we can still appreciate what they did create, and Lalala is a song I suspect I’ll be blaring every summer for a long, long time.

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Dominic Snyder

Jesus Christ, these K-pop scandals that I keep hearing about in each successive “Pick of the Day” keep getting more and more bizarre.