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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: KOREA

Track: KOREA | Artist: Psy | Album: KOREA (digital single)
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In the interest of timeliness, here’s an Olympics-related one from way back in 2012.


Psy, of course, is most famous for Gangnam Style, which became a viral sensation in the same year. I did enjoy that song, although I must admit it kind of lost its luster when I witnessed a gaggle of Midwesterners perform a (horrible) flash mob to that song on my campus quad in Wisconsin.

KOREA and its accompanying music video were commissioned by the government to promote the country’s heritage and tourism ahead of London 2012, and it succeeds admirably. There are even elements of traditional Korean music in here, especially the melody first heard around 1:46.


And it definitely gets you pumped up for sports! Heck yeah, sports!

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