K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Knock Knock

Track: Knock Knock | Artist: Twice | Album: Twicecoaster: Lane 2
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I’m sure some of you were wondering: when the heck is Twice going to appear on this column? Well, the time has come, and here we are.

Twice debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment, one of the “big three” K-Pop agencies (next to SM and YG Entertainment), and rocketed into stardom almost immediately with a string of chart-topping hits, starting with Cheer Up and continuing to the present day with Heart Shaker (at the time of this writing).


I’ve purposely avoided giving mainstream contemporary idol groups the spotlight in this column, and when I have, I’ve picked from their earlier discographies with the hope that I can broaden your K-Pop knowledge sphere. At the same time, though, a K-Pop column without Twice is practically criminal, I think — and I wanted an excuse to post this gif:

You’re welcome.

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