K-Pop Pick Of The Day: I'm So Pretty

Track: I’m So Pretty | Artist: NATURE | Album: I’m So Pretty

I imagine I’m So Pretty came about when someone asked, “how much brass can you fit into a song?” and the producers took that question as a personal challenge. Not that I’m complaining.


NATURE is a nine-member rookie group who debuted in 2018 with Allegro Cantabile, which longtime manga and anime fans will instantly recognize as a remake of the opening theme from the 2007 season of Nodame Cantabile. It ain’t bad, although there certainly is a degree of weirdness that comes from new lyrics grafted onto a pre-existing melody.

I’m So Pretty reminds me less of an anime opening and more of a tropical summer anthem; the bright, saturated sets and the piano riff that comes in during the chorus sets a cheerful, happy-go-lucky mood. And, of course, the brass teeters on the verge of being overzealous, but I’m willing to look past that in the name of eventual world saxophone domination. (The day will come, I’m sure of it.)

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