K-Pop Pick Of The Day: I Swear

Track: I Swear | Artist: Sistar | Album: Sweet And Sour

Sistar was, is, and always will be, the undisputed queen of the summer song.

I Swear is just one example of their dominance when it comes to the season of swimsuits, pool parties and sunscreen. There’s also Loving U, with its dazzlingly saturated music video, and Touch My Body, and Shake It, and we would’ve doubtlessly gotten more had they not disbanded last year. Summer feels empty without Sistar.


Out of all idol groups, Sistar feels the most at home in a no-frills, down-to-earth setting, juxtaposed with humble backgrounds and simple T-shirt costumes. Here, Soyu, Bora, Hyolyn and Dasom have created the perfect ode to the exuberant happiness of youth; watching the video, I can’t help but be reminded of my own college trips, of whiling away hours in the backseat while my friends would gossip and trade Pokémon on their 3DSes (okay, so we weren’t quite the same as this video depicts).

If there’s one word that describes Sistar’s summer releases, it’s carefree. They’re encouraging us to go out, have an adventure, dance our hearts out, and jump into the ocean. After listening to—and watching—I Swear, I daresay we all want to, at least a little bit.

This is Summer Songs Week, where we attempt to stave off the heat slowly killing us all with beachy, refreshing tunes.

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Picnic Lightning

Aaaaaaaand now All-4-One’s 1994 smash hit “I Swear” will be stuck in my head the rest of the week..