K-Pop Pick Of The Day: I Miss You

Track: I Miss You | Artist: Kim Bum Soo | Album: The Third Album “I Miss You”
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Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps the best male voice in Korean music. (There will be arguments. Bring them on, I say.)


While most foreign fans first encountered this stirring ballad through Stairway To Heaven, the 2003 K-drama, I Miss You was originally released a year prior as part of Kim Bum Soo’s third full album. Once it belatedly got the spotlight, it stayed there, becoming the artist’s best-known song by a large degree.

While Kim Bum Soo achieved a degree of fame with I Miss You, he largely stayed off television until 2011's I Am A Singer, a music survival program where popular artists performed covers of others’ songs in front of an audience, who would then get to vote on who would move on to the next round. There, he managed consecutive victories until he was rewarded with a “meritorious graduation”. Below, one of his more famous performances from that show:

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I’m not sure I can say best but Ha Hyun-woo might be my favorite male singer.

There doesn’t seem to be a full version of the live song on YouTube that isn’t full of reactions or annoying cuts but what can you do. A lot of songs get to me but this one is like a punch to the stomach.