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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Hands Up

Track: Hands Up | Artist: 2PM | Album: Hands Up
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What time is it? It’s 2PM. (No joke: I started writing this post at 2PM for my own amusement. Gotta get your kicks somehow.)


At the time of its release, Hands Up was a bit of a controversial track, coming from a group that was known (at the time) for their aggressive choreography, slightly depressing ethos, and buckets of guyliner. Songs like Heartbeat and I’ll Be Back exemplify the kind of music 2PM was known for before Hands Up came along.

With the benefit of hindsight, though, Hands Up is one of 2PM’s best releases, with a playful, party-perfect groove that keeps this song fresh and contemporary more than a half-decade after it came out.

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