K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Goodbye

Track: Good Bye | Artist: Girls’ Generation | Album: 4th Mini Album Mr. Mr.
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As my time at Kotaku—and as the curator of this column—comes to an end, it only seems appropriate to end with a fitting song from my favorite girl group of all time.

Girls’ Generation’s B-sides are often stellar, and Goodbye is no different (some of my other favorite B-sides include Caramel Coffee from their Oh! album, and Mistake from their Hoot EP).

Goodbye is a jazzy, upbeat, and energetic piece that belies a pretty heartbreaking set of lyrics. Just read the first stanza:

I know where this script will go

Just like a mediocre drama

What you’re going to say to me today,

I can immediately tell

It’s a boring story that’s so entirely predictable

The rest of the song dwells on more heartbreak, nostalgia, and bitterness, which is a perfect encapsulation of my feelings as I leave Kotaku (not really).


I had two goals when I started this (theoretically) daily series: to share some of my favorite K-Pop with a wider audience, but more importantly, to delve into some of the lesser-known, outside-the-music-box artists and songs that I felt deserved just as much consideration as its Twice/BTS/Girls’ Generation brethren. It’s been fun sharing these with you, and I hope I was able to expand your musical horizons a little bit.

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This column has been a great source of K-Pop discovery (and sometimes rediscovery)for me so, as far as I go, I’ll say mission accomplished. And you’re leaving with a great damn track. Good luck to you and thanks for all the recommendations.