K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Good Bye

Track: Good Bye | Artist: Hong Jin Young | Album: Good Bye (single)
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Trot is a uniquely Korean genre of music that hit its heyday in the 70s and 80s, but there are still artists new and old who focus on this nostalgic era. One such artist is Hong Jin Young, who has released a string of hits that combine traditional trot melodies with modern elements. Here’s her most recent release, and it’s a jam, if not her best. (She’s gonna have a hard time topping Thumbs Up.)


Best of all, she streams PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in her free time! Go ahead and follow her on Twitch if you’d like — she’s an entertaining watch, and streams pretty regularly.

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Mud loves everyone except you. You suck

I’ve seen her twice in concert. Both times were sort of coincidences. The first she was at a local festival I was at. She was in the section where they play Trot all day to keep the old folks busy so they’re not causing problems. Her and that other leggy Trot singer who’s name I can never remember seemed to be playing warm up for some old fellow in a red suit.

The second she was headlining a live event two blocks from my apartment. If I had been paying attention to the four story sign they had up for the entire month I might have been better prepared to photograph her show. As it was I was coming back with my “Mucking about in the woods and annoying the wild life” lenses and the telephoto was no good for the lighting.

/”ferry to Shelbyille” story...