K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Fake Love

Track: Fake Love | Artist: BTS | Album: Love Yourself: Tear
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It was a banner weekend for K-Pop, anchored by Bangtan Boys (BTS) and their second year in a row of appearances at the Billboard Music Awards.


BTS is, without a doubt, one of the leaders of the current generation of K-Pop. While some of their worldwide success can be linked to previous generations building up decades of goodwill with the K-Pop brand, the group’s own legendary hard work and a solid lineup of hit singles and title tracks can’t, and shouldn’t, be discounted. Fake Love is only the latest in a long line of tracks that demands the viewers’ attention, if only for its intricate choreography that is the apex of idol synchronization.

Numerous K-Pop acts over the years have laid claim to being “global stars”, including Psy, BoA, Rain, and others, mostly on the backs of an international album release or a Hollywood movie cameo. But no one has really penetrated the psyche of pop culture in the United States nearly as much as BTS has.

Nowadays, it’s no big deal if a BTS song starts randomly playing on the radio; it’s almost normal to see the group appear on a morning television program. Both of these feats would’ve been considered nearly impossible several years ago, but BTS makes it look easy.

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I went to the Comic-Con this past weekend in Puerto Rico and like 80% of the girls there had a BTS shirt or coat on. Not to mention all the ones being sold. They really are everywhere. My 13 year old niece never stops talking about them.