Track: Dance The Night Away | Artist: Twice | Album: Summer Nights
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The last time I featured Twice, I asked someone to wake me when they decided to show some progression in their music. No one followed my directions, it seems, because I was asleep for this one.


Dance The Night Away is a refreshing change of pace for Twice, long known for their addictive, cutesy hook songs like Knock Knock or Like Ooh-Aah. I’ve always been a fan of vacation-themed tracks—check out Girls’ Generation’s Holiday or Sistar’s Loving U—and Twice’s latest title track carries on that trend. Dance The Night Away is crisp, no-nonsense bubblegum pop, but there’s a facet of humanity and naïveté here that reminds me of early, more innocent K-Pop like BoA’s Atlantis Princess.

Perhaps best of all, the music video doesn’t have a single artificial set in sight, and I love it. K-Pop loves their flashy, bedazzled sets and stage lighting, and personally, I’m a bit over it. While I’ll never deny the impact of sets like those in f(x)‘s Electric Shock or 2NE1's Follow Me, among others, it’s nice to get affirmation that K-Pop idols get to go outside once in a while, you know?

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