Track: Dally | Artist: Hyolyn (feat. GRAY) | Album: Set Up Time #2
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If Sistar had to die for Hyolyn to live, that might be something I would eventually come to terms with.

Hyolyn is probably one of the few K-Pop artists that I could compare to, say, Beyoncé and not feel a small twang of guilt. She has a stage presence that compares to precious few others in the genre, and being separated from her groupmates (no offense to Bora, Dasom or Soyu) has allowed her to really branch out with concepts like Dally that the four-member group could’ve struggled with.


And while I’ll never stop missing Sistar (their summer jams were to die for), I’m excited to see how Hyolyn develops her own style of music going forward. Because if there’s a silver lining to Sistar’s disbandment, it’s that she, along with the rest of the group, is free of the shackles placed upon them as a four-member team with a specific concept.

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