K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Curious

Track: Curious | Artist: Clazziquai Project | Album: Travellers
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Clazziquai Project is one of the leading band names in Korean electronic pop, with over a decade of activity spanning multiple full albums, remixes, and collaborations.

While the band officially consists of four members—Alex, Horan, Christina and DJ Clazzi—not all of them participate in every song, which leads to a bit of confusion in which tracks can truly be considered part of Clazziquai Project’s discography. As the name may attest, the band started off as a project group under DJ Clazzi that eventually morphed into a long-term mainstay of the Korean music scene.


Casual listeners of Clazziquai Project might be most familiar with She Is, which appeared on the soundtrack for the MBC drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon:

The female singer in the above clip is Horan; unfortunately, a mere week after Clazziquai Project dropped Curious and their seventh album in 2016, Horan would be arrested for driving under the influence. It would turn out this wasn’t her first time, and as so often happens in Korean music, the entire band would go through a period of radio silence from which it has yet to emerge.

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