K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Clown

Track: Clown | Artist: Leessang (feat. BMK) | Album: Library Of Soul
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Five years after their disbandment, I’ve yet to find a Korean hip-hop artist that pulls me in so deeply as Leessang had managed to do, so many years ago.


Clown is a 2005 release under their Library Of Soul album, widely considered by their fans to be one of their best. This album is stacked: not only with Clown, but also with I’m Not Laughing, Gary And Gil, and Euijeongbu Song (with Yoon Mi Rae)—bangers all.

One of Clown’s highlights is the absolutely masterful performance by featuring artist BMK, a Korean singer who specializes in soul. Her voice is, simply put, divine; many of her contemporaries have compared her to Aretha Franklin, which is an analogy not without merit:

As always with Leessang, any discussion of them isn’t complete without at least mentioning their live stage presence, which is awe-inspiring. I mean, just take a look at the energy in this crowd:

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