Track: City Girl City Boy | Artist: The Night Of Seokyo (feat. Dawon) | Album: Peppermint Chocolate (single)
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A lot—a lot—of indie bands have passed through this column. I’ve never become quite so quickly enamored with any of them as I have fallen headfirst into The Night Of Seokyo.


The Night Of Seokyo is a four-member band that debuted in 2016. Since then, they’ve built up a slow but steady discography of late-night, moody, city-poppy songs that strike at the very core of my music preference Venn diagram.

As they don’t have a main vocal, the band has brought in featured artists from the outside to fill that void. Since 2017, they’ve collaborated most often with Dawon as their vocalist, with her voice featuring prominently on this track and also for the more recent Story Line, which just released a few days ago and is already one of my most favorite songs of the year. Beyond that, some other songs of theirs worth checking out include You And Me, Dancing In The Moon, and so many more.

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