Track: Childish | Artist: LambC | Album: Green Is The New Black: Part I
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Sometimes, you need a break from the flashy, whiz-bang, (over)produced pomp and circumstance of mainstream K-Pop. I’ve covered a lot of indies in this column; and yet, I have a feeling no one will complain if I cover one more today.

Especially if said indie song is as chill, comforting, and heartwarming as LambC’s Childish can be. Much like how I found Haruna, I stumbled upon LambC through the dark magic known as the YouTube algorithm as I was half-paying attention to the automatic “up next” sidebar.


The highlight of Childish is unquestionably the piano solo that starts at 1:48, although the piano is the star of the instrumental track throughout. An emphasis on the keyboard seems to be a LambC trademark; 2017's Love Like That starts out with a similar piano riff as well. (Learn your chord progressions, kids!)

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