Justice Washington Can Do So Many Overwatch Voices

Starting from the ground floor in any industry can be tough. In voice acting, where that talent pool is deep and the competition is fierce, breaking in can seem at best daunting and at worst nigh impossible. Justice Washington, a voice actor from Memphis, sat down with us to chat about what he’s doing to climb his way to the top.

In this week’s episode of “Behind the Voice,” we talk to Justice about fan projects and his ability to voice every male character in Overwatch. Justice abides by the mantra of “practice, practice, practice.” Whether that’s auditioning, creating content for Twitch and Youtube, or being a great hip-hop dancer, he brings performance into his daily life. He’s hungry for experience and more work, and when he doesn’t find it, he creates it himself.


This week marks the last episode of our first run of “Behind The Voice.” While we’re sad to put a bow on it, we will return! Reach out on Twitter (@mikepastas) and let me know your thoughts on the series and format. I’d love to hear from you!

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Experiences like these are great for those looking to get into the industry. Someone tells you “Hey you got a great voice, you should do voice acting” and you’re like, okay, I’ve heard that so many times but where do I start?”  Hearing what these guys did and what they are doing is definitely inspirational.  Thank you Michael for sharing these stories!