Just What's On Our Box Art?

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Ever stop to wonder just what, exactly, is on our box art? Wonder no more, with this study breaking down the trends, statistics and content of gaming's front covers.


Games Radar collected 100 recent games at random, threw them in a pile, then broke down exactly what was on the cover. Men, women, guns, not guns, the works.

Their findings? 54% had a man on the front. 10% had a woman on the front. 36% had a man/woman combo. Most men were holding weapons, and looked mean. Most women also held weapons, but were smiling. Only 7% featured somebody that wasn't white. Only 2% had an elderly person on the cover. And finally, only 3% of the covers featured a half-naked woman, with only Runescape, Onechanbara and X-blades flying the sexist flag.


What are the favourite 'types' of people used on video game box-art? [Games Radar]

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"Conclusion: The vulnerable femininity of a woman is more acceptable on box-art when it is offset by the dangerous masculinity of a man." — excerpt from original article.


One thing that did occur to me, though: When a game has multiple box-art pictures, such as the original World of Warcraft (one of which features a male, "white" dwarf and one of which features a female ... "purple" Night Elf), how does that factor into this little study (yes, I know World of Warcraft's boxes — either of them — apparently weren't used)?