Now, there's nothing wrong with your 3DS XL getting a joystick. Heck, more portable consoles should have them.

As Inside Games reports, this is the Cyber Arcade Stick from Japanese peripheral maker Cyber Gadget. It's for the 3DS XL!

And with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS soon coming out on... the 3DS, this might be worth getting should joysticks be your thing. Or maybe there are Virtual Console games you want to play with a stick. Who knows? You do. That's who. You.


Priced at 3,002 yen (around US$30), the Cyber Arcade Stick will be out in Japan this October. No word on a Western release.

3DS LL向け「アーケードスティック」が発売決定、VCに最適か? [Inside]

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