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Time for June's hardware numbers. And while we already know the larger implications for the month's sales - namely, that the Wii has now overtaken the 360 in total sales in the US - there's still interest in the month-by-month blows of the console struggle. Metal Gear Solid 4 gave the PS3 a timely boost, helping it sell nearly twice as many consoles as Microsoft could manage. Indeed, the 360 had to look over its shoulder at the PS2, surely a troubling sign for the folks up by Redmond way.


As usual, though, that's a fight for third (or fourth, in Microsoft's case, the 360 outsold by the PSP as well). The Wii, off the back of Wii Fit, Mario Kart and what must be an increased supply of units to the US market, sold the devil's number in thousands, while the DS sold even more.

Nintendo DS: 783,000

Nintendo Wii: 666,700

PlayStation 3: 405,500

PlayStation Portable: 337,400

Xbox 360: 219,800

PlayStation 2: 188,798

Thanks to the NPD Group for providing us with monthly sales.

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