Join Us At PAX East, There Will Be Dogs In Wheelchairs

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The Boston edition of the Penny Arcade Expo kicks off this Friday, and we'll be there. So too will BioShock creators Irrational Games, who will be hosting an interesting panel (and handing out free stuff).

On Friday at 5pm EST, BioShock Infinite's Creative director Ken Levine, art director Nate Wells, lead artist Shawn Robertson and senior effects artist Stephen Alexander will be going in-depth on the creation of Columbia, the floating world that Irrational's upcoming game takes place in.


There'll be revelations, demos and concept art on show, so fans of the series (and developer) in town should check it out. Especially since they'll be handing out merch all weekend long, including t-shirts based on the original idea for BioShock's Little Sisters: dogs in wheelchairs.

Kotaku will also be at the show, so stay tuned on Friday and over the weekend for all our coverage from PAX East!

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Tem Dejima

I can't wait! Plus my best friend is there with a press pass, so I get insider scoops after the con!

I do feel sorry for you Kotaku guys though, since you're going to be hearing a lot of complaints about the new layout.