We're having a Meet Up here in New York City at the Gizmodo Gallery and we'd like for you to come! Unless you are terrible. Don't come if you are terrible. Or at least bring a gift for me. I like whisky.

We've had a few slots open up for access tonight, so if you missed the RSVP the first time, now's your chance. RSVP to meetup@kotaku.com with subject line 'Kotaku Meetup December' as soon as you can. (I'll update the post when we're filled up again.)

Oh. You'll be able to play the Diablo 3 beta on Samsung's 950 Series 3D LED Monitors. So there's that.

When & Where: Thursday December 8th, 9-11 pm, 329 Broome St.

Hope to see you there! If you bring whisky that is!