Johnny Cash Is In Guitar Hero 5

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We already knew that there was a Johnny Cash song in Guitar Hero 5, so it shouldn't have been too big a surprise to see that the man himself will be appearing as a character in the title as well.


Johnny Cash tribute artist Terry Lee Goffee has provided the swagger for Activision's motion-capture team, and as you can see, he's done a pretty good job of it.

Though it all looks a little strange, don't you think? He should be flipping the bird to somebody with a snarl, not singing to a crowd of screaming girls.

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As a Cash fan, this does not make me want to buy the game. In fact it does quite the opposite. It sickens me to see one of the most authentic and original men of yesteryear Orville Redenbocker'd for the sole purpose of bringing Activision more money. For shame Neversoft, you are horrible people.