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Johnny Cage Demonstrates How To Trash-Talk A Xenomorph

Hate his crotch punch all you want but Mortal Kombat’s douchiest martial artist has a gift for jawing at his opponents. The zingers he throws at Mortal Kombat X’s newest characters are some of the best yet.

Courtesy of Maximilian Dood, the video above shows Johnny Cage’s intros when he’s getting ready to face off against new DLC characters who are becoming playable with Mortal Kombat X’s latest add-on. His interactions with Leatherface are good, but my favorites are when he snipes at the titular lifeform from the Alien movies. One of ‘em’s a little NSFW but probably expresses a thought many sci-fi fans have had. PC players probably have their own trash talk to lob at the game’s publisher...

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“Is it mechanically possible for you to fuck yourself?” I laughed my ass off at that one.