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Johnny Cage Comes Alive in Mortal Kombat: Legacy

The live-action Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series takes a lighter turn this week, taking a break from shattered arms and broken faces to focus on Hollywood's sweetheart, Johnny Cage.


Electric Playground's Victor Lucas kicks off episode three of Mortal Kombat: Legacy with a look back at the life of Johnny Cage, complete with a cameo by Ed Boon and several references to the Power Rangers. Cage actor Matt Mullins was never in the Power Rangers, of course, but he came pretty damn close, portraying Len in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


This has to be my favorite episode of the series so far, especially when Cage's visitor shows up at the very end.

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While I did like seeing Victor Lucas in the start of this weeks episode... it seemed a little bland.

Also, this is Mortal Fucking Kombat, why censor the episode?

Also the Pilot they gave us last year was good, but if this season is going to be stories of all the characters and maybe season 2 is the actual tournament/fights we already know Cage is killed :/ Unless the Pilot went out the window and its all been changed. I just want some Scorpion hunting down people