John Madden's Version of Video Game History

Retired football broadcasting legend John Madden told the LA Times there's no such thing as a Madden curse, because it never caused him to get injured. He also shared his take on how video games came to be.

As part of reporter Alex Pham's Q&A to coincide with the launch of Madden NFL 10, Madden was asked to recall the development of the game he's been a part of for more than 20 years.

LA Times: How far has the video game evolved since the days [EA founder] Trip Hawkins ... approached you in 1986 to do a title?

Madden: When Trip Hawkins and I started, there were no video games. He was going to make a game you could play on the computer. The reason I joined him was that I wanted to make something that could teach football. Then it took us years to get to that point.


I take it that Madden meant to include the word "football" between "no" and "video," though I'm not sure even that's correct.

This is, nevertheless, one of the better Madden-on-Madden interviews I've seen. Give it a read. Pham knows her stuff.

John Madden talks about the virtual gridiron, the Madden Curse and life outside of the broadcasting booth [LA Times]

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