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John Madden Retires, Will Have No Impact On Madden NFL, EA Says

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Football Hall of Fame inductee and television commentator John Madden announced his retirement from broadcasting today to spend more time with his family. Don't worry Madden fans, EA says it won't affect the company's game.


Madden, who has lent his name to the EA Sports football game known as Madden NFL for two decades, will continue to work with Electronic Arts and Madden developers on the making of the game, reps told Kotaku. According to a statement provided by EA Sports, the publisher "continues its strong relationship with John Madden and will continue to produce new versions EA SPORTS Madden NFL with John's collaboration."

"His retirement has no impact on EA, other than us wishing him the very best in this next stage in his life," the statement reads. "He's earned the time off."


Peter Moore, President of EA Sports, also issued the following statement on Madden's retirement:

"John is a true sports icon who has made an indelible impact on the sport of football which will be felt forever. His prolific coaching and broadcasting careers, as well as his distinct role in shaping the EA SPORTS football experience have redefined how multiple generations have come to know and love the sport with unrivaled passion. We're excited to see his legacy live on in the 21st year of Madden NFL football, and well beyond. It's been a privilege for EA SPORTS to have had the strong relationship we've had with John for more than two decades and one that will continue into the future."

Madden NFL 10 is slated to ship on August 14.