John Cena Would Be Crazy OP As A League Of Legends Champion

He can go invisible, has a shield that automatically regenerates, and a toggle-able passive that doesn’t need three stacks to proc? Rito pls.

The YouTube comic geniuses at Crazy Boris Productions cooked up this spoof of the “Champion Spotlight” videos that Riot always puts out prior to the release of a new champion in League of Legends, and it’s a real treat:

The names of abilities like “Tactical Jorts” and “Pay-Per-View” aside, these abilities could totally work in the real League of Legends. And who doesn’t want to see some minions get wrecked—sorry, I mean: GET REKT—by John Cena:


The WWE needs to make a MOBA. It might just be the thing that gets noted professional wrestling enthusiast Stephen Totilo to try and play one.

Watch more silly animated shorts about gaming at Crazy Boris Productions’ YouTube page.

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