Lord British may have reached for the stars - and given us a cryptic message in space runes - but to do so he had to splurge millions of his hard earned Gold and train for months with Russian cosmonauts. If another Gaming Legend has his way, however, taking in the view from orbit might become a little easier - if slightly crazier looking. John Carmack's Armadillo Aerospace is investing in what it calls the "Fishbowl Spaceship" - an orbital bubble designed to let space tourists roll around in freefall like.. well, goldfish. Space goldfish. Yes, it does look crazy and is probably designed purely to distract from Carmack's real goal of building a portal to hell in the caverns of Mars. Armadillo hopes to have a prototype in orbit by the end of next year, with manned flights in 2010 at a low, low price of $100,000. Fishbowl Spaceship to give tourists a breathtaking 360-degree view [Dvice.com]